Memotoo synkronisera allt du vill !

Synchronization possible:
Min Adressbok Kontakterok
Min Kalender Calendar / eventsok
Min Att göra lista Tasksok
Configure your Mozilla Thunderbird with:
 eller  eller  eller 
Synchronization possible: Min AdressbokKontakter / Min Kalender&Min Att göra listaUse iCalendar or CalDAV to synchronize your calendar
1 Download plugin SOGo Connector Thunderbird Link

2 In Mozilla Thunderbird, use the menu "Tools" / "Add-ons", click on "Install..." (at bottom left) and select the .xpi file downloaded (rename this file if it have not an extension .xpi)
funambolThunderbird2   funambolThunderbird5

3 Restart Mozilla Thunderbird and go to the Address Book

4 Create a new Remote Address Book:

5 Define the URL of the Memotoo address book:
Sync some Memotoo groups?

6 Restart Mozilla Thunderbird and go to the Address Book

7 Click on "Synchronize":
infoContact groups will not be synced
infoPhotosphotoof your contacts cannot be synced
infoWhen you start Thunderbird, if SOGo ask you your password everytime, install also SOGo Integrator