What do all the buttons do?
Ok!Go to specified / selected url
Lägg till mina bokmärkenAdd specified URL to my bookmarks
Sök i mina bokmärken ...Search through my bookmarks
Min bokmärkenGo to add / modify / delete bookmarks and folders
Mina E-Post AdresserGo to add / modify / delete e-mail addresses and mailing lists
Min TelefonbokGo to add / modify / delete phone and fax numbers
Min AdressbokGo to add / modify / delete contacts
Min KalenderGo to add / modify / delete events and tasks
Mina FilerManage my docs (files and folders)
InställningarCustomize my navigation toolbar and edit my account
VisaView information about the current or selected item(s)
ÄndraModify the current or selected item(s)
FlyttaMove the current or selected item(s)
Skicka en kopia av dina data med e-postSkicka en kopia av dina data med e-post / Skicka en Memotoo-adress med e-post
Dubblera denna kontaktDubblera denna kontakt
RaderaDelete the current or selected item(s)
Address to give to people to access to this dataAddress to give to people to access to this data
 Sortera i fallande ordningSort in descending order
 Sortera i stigande ordningSort in ascending order
Visitkort (vCard format)Download a business card (vCard format) of the current of selected contact(s)
iCalendar / vCalendarDownload an event, a task or a note (iCalendar format)
Karta / Hänvisning med ViaMichelinLocate your contacts with ViaMichelin.com
Karta / Hänvisning med Google MapsLocate your contacts with Google Maps
Karta / Hänvisning med MaporamaLocate your contacts with Maporama.com
Karta / Hänvisning med MapQuestLocate your contacts with MapQuest.com

Memotoo insticksmoduler för din webläsare
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Memotoo på Windows skrivbordMicrosoft Windows
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WebFolder - WebDavÅtgång till dina filer med en Web Folder
Vitual drive / Web Folder
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Få åtgång till dine filer via FTP
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Lägg till Memotoo widgets till iGoogleiGoogle, NetvibesNetvibes.com, Windows VistaWindows Vista, Apple DashboardMac OS X, ...
Example of a customized Netvibes homepageNetvibes.com
Example of a customized iGoogle homepageGoogle
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Åtgång til dina kontakter via LDAP
With Mozilla Thunderbird you can access your Memotoo
contacts directly when you start typing an e-mail address:
Åtgång til dina kontakter via LDAP
» Mozilla Thunderbird will show suggested e-mail addresses stored in Memotoo!

How to set it up:
  • Go to "Options" in the "Tools" menu

  • In "Composition" check the "Directory Server" box and click "Edit Directories..."
  • Next add the directory server (complete with settings below)
    LDAP directory address / Hostname ldap.memotoo.com
    Port number 389
    Base name / Base DN
    You must log in to see the base name
  • To test if it's OK write a new e-mail, start typing the beginning of a name or e-mail address of one of your contacts in the "To:" field and wait until Thunderbird shows a list of suggested contacts (this could take few seconds).
    Åtgång til dina kontakter via LDAP
    If the text that you typed becomes red it means Thunderbird cannot connect to Memotoo: check your configuration in "Account Settings ..." with the image below:

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Se dina data på din mobiltelefon Se dina data på din mobiltelefon

Go to the address below with the browser of your mobile phone, log in, and view your data (address book, calendar, tasks, notes and bookmarks)!

Server location: m.memotoo.com Mobile

Synka Synkronisera dina data med din mobiltelefon

After each synchronization your mobile phone and Memotoo will have the same data!

Synka Synka Google, Facebook, Outlook, ...

Synka Google, Facebook, Outlook, ...

Lägg till Memotoo sökmotor till din webbläsare
Lägg till Memotoo sökmotor till din webbläsare
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Opra Opera  

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