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Lotus Notes

Synka Lotus Notes med Memotoo

Sorry the Nexthaus plugin for Lotus Notes is not supported by Nexthaus ...
1Ladda nerDownload plugin NexthausLink
2 Install it
3 Configure it with these settings:
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User Name Your username  Registrera konto
Password Your password
Min AdressbokContacts / Server Folder
contact (Encoding: vCard 2.1)
Min KalenderCalendar / Server Folder
calendar (Encoding: vCalendar 1.0)
» Sync only one period?
Min Att göra listaTasks / Server Folder
task (Encoding: vCalendar 1.0)
Mina AnteckningarNotes / Server Folder
note (Encoding: text/plain)
infoPhotosphotoof your contacts cannot be synced