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Sync HP iPAQ hx2795 PPC
HP iPAQ hx2795 PPC
Sync Motorola Q
Motorola Q
Sync HP iPAQ 914
HP iPAQ 914
Sync Palm Treo 500
Palm Treo 500
Sync Acer E200 (beTouch)
Acer E200 (beTouch)
Sync Acer M900
Acer M900
Sync Samsung GT-B7330 (Omnia Pro)
Samsung GT-B7330 (Omnia Pro)
Sync Acer E100 (beTouch)
Acer E100 (beTouch)
Sync HP iPAQ 114
HP iPAQ 114
Sync HTC P3600
HTC P3600
Sync HP iPAQ hw6900
HP iPAQ hw6900
Sync HTC S620
HTC S620
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