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Sync iPhone Sync Android nettbrett Sync Android telefon (Samsung, ...) Sync iPad Sync Mac OS X Sync Windows 8 / 10 telefon og nettbrett

Sync your phone, tablet and computer

Memotoo allows you to sync all phones, tablets and computers

If you have one or more phones iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, old Nokia, Sony Ericsson, ... you could transfer your data to Memotoo and keep up to date: when you change a contact, it will be updated on all phones!

What can I sync with my phone?

Store your address book, calendar, files, ...

Your data will be stored and secured on Memotoo

Memotoo can store all your contacts, your calendar (including tasks and notes), your files (photos, videos, Word document, ...), your bookmarks, your SMS and access to all your E-mail accounts.

Sync Google Sync Mozilla Thunderbird Sync Microsoft Outlook Sync Yahoo! Sync / Windows Live / Hotmail Sync iCloud Sync Evernote Sync Webmail GMX

Connect your favorite websites and software

Memotoo allows you to sync your emails and social networks

Synkroniser alt du ønsker: Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, / Windows Live / Hotmail, Yahoo!, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google, Evernote, Webmail GMX, ...

Memotoo is also:


Dine data er sikret


Del dine data


Easily backup and restore

Del dine data med dine venner, dine klienter, ...
f.eks.: din sekretær kan oppdatere din kalender, gi skrivebeskyttet tilgang til utvalgte deler av dine data, ...

All your E-mail accessible in one page


Reminders of events, birthdays, ... by E-mail or SMS

Få tilgang til all din e-post på en enkelt nettside fra Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, ...!

More than 300.000 users have chosen Memotoo:

Hey guys! your service is amazing! I am realy glad I finally found what I wanted! Thanks!