Import address bookImport address book:

infoImport your data by synchronizing: Gmail Facebook LinkedIn Yahoo Windows Live AOL ...
This block enables you to import your address book from mail clients to Memotoo. Run your e-mail client and export your address book choosing one of the 3 formats below.
Then select the file with "Browse..." and click "Import".

Microsoft ExcelImport an Excel file filled off line arrowLearn more
  • DownloadDownload the template file

  • Open it with Excel and enter the contact data. One contact per row.

  • Save it as CSV format (Comma Separated Values) and import it

infoMaximum file size: 20 MB

Export my address bookExport my address book:

This block enables you to export your Memotoo address book to an e-mail client. Select the type of file to be exported and click "Export my address book" :

infoRecommended format to backup / restore your data



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