Memotoo sync all you want !

Configure your Mozilla Thunderbird with:
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Synchronization possible: My Address BookContacts & My CalendarCalendar / events & My TasksTasks
info Funambol for Thunderbird is not longer updated: so use SOGo Connector or TZ-Push to sync contacts and CalDAV to sync calendar / tasks
1 Download plugin FunambolLink:
Microsoft WindowsWindows:Extension XPIMozilla Thunderbird 24.x beta  / Old version
LinuxLinux 32 bits:Extension XPIMozilla Thunderbird 17.x  / Old version
LinuxLinux 64 bits:Extension XPIMozilla Thunderbird 17.x  / Old version
Mac OS XMac OS X:  Use CalDAV
Receive an e-mail when there is new version?

2 In Mozilla Thunderbird, use the menu "Tools" / "Add-ons", click on "Install..." (at bottom left) and select the .xpi file downloaded (rename this file if it have not an extension .xpi)
funambolThunderbird2   funambolThunderbird5

3 Restart Mozilla Thunderbird and go to the "Tools" menu to find "Funambol sync..." and enter these settings:

4 Go to Tools / Options

5 Configure it with these settings:
Username:Your username  Sign Up
Password:Your password
My Address Book Contacts / Remote name:contact
» Sync some Memotoo groups?
My Calendar Calendar / Remote name:calendar
» Sync some Memotoo categories?
» Sync only one period?
My Tasks Tasks / Remote name:task
» Sync some Memotoo categories?
» Sync only uncompleted tasks?
infoContact groups will not be synced
infoPhotosphotoof your contacts cannot be synced

6 Sync