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Sync Evolution with Memotoo

Synchronization possible: My Address BookContacts & My CalendarCalendar / events & My TasksTasks & My NotesNotes
1DownloadDownload pluginLink
2 Install it
3 Configure it with these settings:

  or SSL
username Your username  Sign Up
password Your password
My Address BookContacts URI
My CalendarCalendar URI
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My TasksTasks URI
My NotesNotes URI
Documentation on setting up SyncEvolution for use with Memotoo: FrançaisFrançais
1 Copy all theses files in your home "~/.sync4j/evolution/memotoo/":

 cd ~
 mkdir .sync4j
 mkdir .sync4j/evolution
 cd .sync4j/evolution
 tar -zxvf SyncEvolutionMemotoo.tar.gz

2 Enter your Memotoo login and password in "~/.sync4j/evolution/memotoo/spds/syncml/config.txt" (or "~/.config/syncevolution/memotoo/spds/syncml/config.txt")

3 In the data config files "~/.sync4j/evolution/memotoo/sources/*/config.txt" (or "~/.config/syncevolution/memotoo/sources/*/config.txt"), set the folder in Evolution to sync (default: Personal / find the name with the command "syncevolution")

4 Start a synchronization:

 syncevolution memotoo

5 Automate the synchronization:
 cd /etc/cron.d/
 vim syncEvolutionMemotoo

 # and add theses lines:
 0 * * * * root /usr/bin/syncevolution memotoo > /var/log/SyncEvolutionMemotoo.txt

4 Sync