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SARL au capital de 5000€ immatricule au RCS de Grenoble 539165381
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Memotoo: the story ...

Here is some information about the history of Memotoo which exist since more 10 years!

2001: the start idea

While studying Computer alternately in Grenoble (France), Thomas Pequet felt the need to be able to find his bookmarks from home, school and workplace. So he created a website to access his bookmarks and navigate with a navigation bar permanently.

Thomas then offered to users the opportunity to use this free website. Thus was born Memotoo (Memotoo means "Memorize all" and in French it is "Memorise tout").

Following the contacts, calendar, documents, ... are added to Memotoo keeping as an ethical concept that user data are their properties and will not be exploited by Memotoo.

2006: why not synchronize the phone?

While Memotoo works since 5 years, some users ask to synchronize their phones and that is how Thomas developed the own SyncML server for Memotoo.

With this new feature, many users join Memotoo, and other synchronization services will emerge such as: Gmail, Facebook, Outlook, ... So as soon as one data is changed somewhere, it is updated everywhere!

2008: from the website to a company

In his approach "step by step" to improve the project, Thomas converts the website to a microsociete in 2008, and since January 2012 Thomas creates TIPICREA SARL that manages Memotoo.

Today: always make more services

In the interest of continuous improvement and keep in touch with new technologies, Memotoo is concerned to adapt to all new phones, tablets and other web services that will arrive tomorrow, and continuously improve Memotoo offering services always more innovative.

Mehr als 300.000 Nutzer haben sich für Memotoo entschieden:

Ich bin super zufrieden mit dem Service. Egal wo ich mich auf der Welt bewege, ich habe immer die Möglichkeit meine Daten mit dem Handy zu syncronisieren. Ich habe immer meine Kontaktdaten im Griff und vergessene Termine gehören der Vergangenheit an. Und das alles bietet MEMOTOO zu einem unschlagbaren Preis.

Talking about Memotoo here and there:



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