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Windows VistaUse Memotoo widgets with Windows Vista

It is possible to show your data stored in Memotoo on your Windows Microsoft Windows desktop (using Active Desktop) so you can access it whenever you want.

Memotoo on Windows desktop

How to set it up:
  • In the Control panel, click "Display"
    Control panel

  • Go to Active Desktop properties (different versions of Windows have different ways to get there: in Windows 2000 click the "Web" tab - in Windows XP click "Customize Desktop ..." on the "Desktop" tab, and then go to the "Web" tab - ...)
  • Active Desktop
    Windows 2000Microsoft Windows
    or Active Desktop
    Windows XPMicrosoft Windows

  • Click the "New..." button and copy/paste below addressess to add the pages:

    Log in first or replace "login" and "password" in the URLs with your actual username and password

    • My Calendar Calendar
              Url / Address:
    • My Calendar Near calendar events and near birthdays » settings
              Url / Address:
    • My Bookmarks Bookmarks
              Url / Address:
    • My Address Book Address book
              Url / Address:
    • My Tasks Tasks
              Url / Address:
    • My Notes Notes
              Url / Address:
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