Memotoo sync all you want !


Sync Kontact with Memotoo

Synchronization possible:
My Address Book Contactsok
My Calendar Calendar / eventsok
My Tasks Tasksok
Sync my address book:
For users of KontactKontact for KDE, it's possible to work in interactive mode: when you modify a contact your Memotoo address book is updated directly (and vice-versa).

Kontact / Kaddressbook

Create an address book in the application:
If you choose "GroupDAV server (e.g. OpenGroupware)", enter this address in "URL":

Sync some Memotoo groups?

1. KDE Address Book (traditional)
2. Select "GroupDAV server (e.g. OpenGroupware)"
3. Fill in the fields and click "Update folder list"
4. Check the folder that you want to sync

Sync my calendar:
Copy this address in "Remote Server URL" when you create the calendar in the application:
Install the package "kdepim-kresources" to have the option "calenderar in remote file".
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