Features » Sync your data with your mobile phone

Sync Motorola XT720 (Milestone)
Motorola XT720 (Milestone)
Sync Sony Ericsson ST25 (Xperia U)
Sony Ericsson ST25 (Xperia U)
Sync Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Sync Apple iPad
Apple iPad
Sync BlackBerry 9000 (Bold)
BlackBerry 9000 (Bold)
Sync Nokia 920 (Lumia)
Nokia 920 (Lumia)
Sync HTC Legend
HTC Legend
Sync LG KU990i Viewty
LG KU990i Viewty
Sync HTC Desire
HTC Desire
Sync Nokia 800 (Lumia)
Nokia 800 (Lumia)
Sync Samsung GT-i9300 (Galaxy SIII S3)
Samsung GT-i9300 (Galaxy SIII S3)
After each synchronization your mobile phone and Memotoo will have the same data!
Whenever you add, modify or delete data (an event, a task, a contact, or a note) your mobile phone and Memotoo will exchange only modified data and their contents will be identical.
Memotoo Cloud
Manage, sync and share your data online: contacts, calendar, ...

Synchronization settings SyncML:

Server location http://sync.memotoo.com/syncml
or SSLSSL: https://sync.memotoo.com/syncml (SSL problem?)
Port number 80 or SSL443
Username Your username  Sign Up
Password Your password
Database name (URI) to sync:
My Bookmarks Bookmarks bmark
My Address Book Contacts
My Calendar Calendar / events
or caltask to sync "Calendar / events" and "Tasks" in the same database
» Sync only one period?
My Tasks Tasks
My Notes Notes
» Sync only one period?
My Files Files file
Pictures Pictures picture
Videos Videos video

List of compatible SyncML, CardDAV, CalDAV, ActiveSync, Exchange, ... plugins:

Sync Funambol Android
Funambol Android
Sync Funambol Outlook
Funambol Outlook
Sync Funambol Thunderbird
Funambol Thunderbird
Sync Funambol Windows Mobile
Funambol Windows Mobile
Sync Funambol BlackBerry
Funambol BlackBerry
Sync Synthesis SyncML iPhone
Synthesis SyncML iPhone
Sync Funambol iPod
Funambol iPod
Sync Funambol Mac OS X
Funambol Mac OS X
Sync Plugins Synthesis
Plugins Synthesis
Sync Plugins Nexthaus
Plugins Nexthaus
Sync SyncEvolution

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