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Sync HTC P3300
HTC P3300
Sync HP iPAQ 200
HP iPAQ 200
Sync Vodafone VPx
Vodafone VPx
Sync Samsung SGH-i320
Samsung SGH-i320
Sync HP iPAQ hw6900
HP iPAQ hw6900
Sync Palm Treo 700w
Palm Treo 700w
Sync Samsung SGH-i780
Samsung SGH-i780
Sync Acer E101 (beTouch)
Acer E101 (beTouch)
Sync Samsung SGH-i760
Samsung SGH-i760
Sync Samsung SGH-i617 (Blackjack II)
Samsung SGH-i617 (Blackjack II)
Sync HTC T8282 (Touch HD)
HTC T8282 (Touch HD)
Sync LG KS20
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