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smile Posted 2018-07-09 - 15:36

Here are a couple of suggestions for Memotoo:

1. Give it another try before disabling sync (because of time interval exceeded)

Rather than pausing the sync after first fail, I believe a the sync should be stopped and another try should be attempted at the next sync interval (in an hour, day etc). I sometime experience Yahoo tasks sync sometime has issues but often times the connections simply continue to work on the next our of sync. So rather than disabling sync after first fail Memotoo should give it another try before pausing a sync.

As bad as Yahoo became nowadays, I rely on their service because Google Task or Outlook Task doesn't really provide Caldav so it can't be used outside of their proprietary applications.

2. Email tells me the number but not what connection is it

Please add name (or details) for sync connections that are paused. I receive email a non-descriptive saying a Sync # 999999 was paused because the time limit exceeded. It doesn't say which sync is it. If I have multiple synchronizations setup, I have to go on memotoo site and click on each to see which one has the number that was in the email. The number should be visible in the overview of synchronizations or better yet, the name of the sync connection should be included in the email so I can easily tell which connection was paused.

3. Please add marker for sync connections "tile /icon") that are paused

If I don't have the connection number from the email, I have to go literally click-by-click each of the connection to see where the sync has been paused. The only way to tell is to check the the field indicating whether the sync is "every hour, every day etc". Otherwise there is no way to tell because even the log doesn't indicate it. It would be helpful of the synchronization link "tile/icon" has a marker so that it can be easily spotted without the need to click through the individual syncs to find which one has stopped.

4. Consider adding view of a detailed aggregated log

There are logs for individual connections, however, it would be helpful if there is a also an aggregated log for the whole memotoo account showing all that is going on including information about connections that were paused. Such a log would help with troubleshooting.


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