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No new posts since your last visit You wonder how it works, what is the usefulness of, ... 678 2347 2020-10-20 - 22:42
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No new posts since your last visit You have ideas and desires to improve service 439 1466 2018-07-09 - 15:36
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No new posts since your last visit You have noticed bugs, anomalies, then report them here 1045 4000 2020-11-15 - 22:59
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No new posts since your last visit Comment and react in relation to the news of the site!
Link to the last news
47 77 2020-09-25 - 19:06
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No new posts since your last visit Announce your API, discuss how to develop your plugins, ...
API documentation
35 96 2018-11-18 - 04:58
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I changed the category of the lone calendar entry from "Default" to one of my personal categories and saw that it was removed from my iCloud calendar. So it appears that syncing is working but only fo...
Kenneth Lee 120 2020-11-15 - 22:59 RSS Feed
my memotoo calendar is not syncing with my icloud calendar. I've updated my app password at least once just to ensure that I am using the correct password.

After some digging I see one calendar ent...
Kenneth Lee 122 2020-11-15 - 22:42 RSS Feed
Hello Christoph,

Try again to show your calendar, I have found and corrected the white color bug.
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 342 2020-11-09 - 10:49 RSS Feed
I'd like to share my personal calendar here with my work one (Google), but only share the free/busy information so busy times show up, but don't reveal any information.

I found a way to make the ca...
Colan 162 2020-10-20 - 22:42 RSS Feed
Is there any news on this issue - at least for me it still exists?
It seems to be independent from the browser - I'm getting the same incomplete calendar view in Firefox as in Edge. If a screenshot ...
Christoph 859 2020-10-10 - 15:02 RSS Feed
This error come when Google respond "HTTP/1.[0,1]{1} 403 Forbidden" and "disallowedFieldMutation".
For the moment, I have never found why Google respond it ...
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 492 2020-09-27 - 15:32 RSS Feed
Yes me too, same thing happened!
Rocki 501 2020-09-26 - 05:56 RSS Feed
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Pamelaa 1128 2020-09-25 - 19:06 RSS Feed
Hello WCr,

I have just tested Memotoo with Thunderbird 78.2.2, done some modifications and now the sync works fine.
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 992 2020-09-20 - 18:27 RSS Feed
What's the meaning of this?

I thought I was getting rid of it by loosing the connection with Google and reconnect. Then I deleted a huge amount of double appointments and back I am with this error ...
??? 538 2020-09-14 - 13:52 RSS Feed

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