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No new posts since your last visit You wonder how it works, what is the usefulness of, ... 677 2346 2020-06-11 - 21:27
by DavidSee the post
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No new posts since your last visit You have ideas and desires to improve service 439 1466 2018-07-09 - 15:36
by 267TBESee the post
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No new posts since your last visit You have noticed bugs, anomalies, then report them here 1041 3984 2020-05-28 - 20:01
by ChristophSee the post
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No new posts since your last visit Comment and react in relation to the news of the site!
Link to the last news
46 76 2016-06-23 - 06:08
by Email Address DatabaseSee the post
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No new posts since your last visit Announce your API, discuss how to develop your plugins, ...
API documentation
35 96 2018-11-18 - 04:58
by CarlSee the post
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Je dispose d'un vieux agenda numérique (PDA de marque HP, modèle Ipaq 210 Entreprise) avec des milieux de contacts.
Impossible de synchroniser (device non reconnu par Windows), WMDC windows...
David 1554 2020-06-11 - 21:27 RSS Feed

Nous utilisons Memotoo depuis longtemps avec Outlook et bientôt nous allons utiliser Exchange Online. Est-il possible de synchroniser un compte Memotoo avec un dossier public d'Exchange ? ...
Olef 281 2020-06-03 - 16:10 RSS Feed

A titre additionnel je précise avoir tenté d'installer le client Funambol 13. Mais lors de la configuration, après la modification du registre, il m'indique qu'il ne peut procéder à la...
cabinetfv 219 2020-05-30 - 11:37 RSS Feed

Est-ce que Ootlook synchronise les catégories de calendrier avec Memotoo. Avec la methode Activesync cela ne fonctionne pas.

Bien cordialement.
cabinetfv 236 2020-05-30 - 00:35 RSS Feed
A small issue that I noticed a few weeks ago: In the Memotoo Web view of my calendar, events only show as empty frames unless I move the mouse over it.
I'm using Memotoo on Windows 10 with Firefox 7...
Christoph 189 2020-05-28 - 20:01 RSS Feed
Hi, I have a small problem synchronizing my iPhone with caldav.

Appointments show up correctly in Memotoo, if I delete the appointment in Memotoo it will not be deleted on the iPhone.

If I dele...
Sven 156 2020-04-23 - 18:28 RSS Feed
I use EM Client and it sync perfect with Memotoo. But the categories sync doesn't work. When i make a category "important" in memotoo it doesn't show in EM Client.
When I make a new Category in EM Cl...
??? 1133 2020-04-20 - 22:01 RSS Feed

Ok now the sync with Google Tasks works again
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 146 2020-04-20 - 07:56 RSS Feed

Good news, I have found a solution to sync again Google Calendar.
So try again and now you could authorize Memotoo to access to your Google Calendar.

For the Google Tasks, I think it will...
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 170 2020-04-14 - 15:30 RSS Feed
the app syncs only manually.
please help!
michele 297 2020-04-07 - 15:35 RSS Feed

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