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Same issue! Please fix...
Danny 47 2019-06-26 - 16:56 RSS Feed
Hi, the same here. I installed DAVx5 following the link from memotto (android phone). The error is "it is not possible to find any CalDAV or CardDAV service". I can attach the detailed log if this hel...
MB 52 2019-06-14 - 19:36 RSS Feed
Ok good news and thanks for this information
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 59 2019-06-08 - 09:39 RSS Feed
After days of trying to figure this out, iPad simply needed a reboot!
Tipep 69 2019-06-06 - 12:45 RSS Feed
The birthdays in Outlook 365 calender are created incorrectly. Instead of a whole day (from 00:00 - 00:00) they are created from 01:00 to 01:00 and apear as a 2 day-date.

Thanks for help
??? 83 2019-06-02 - 13:43 RSS Feed
Calendar and contacts on my iPad (ios v.12.3.1) no longer synching with Memotoo using CalDAV and CardDAV. They are synching fine on my iPhone with exact same settings and they are also synching fine m...
Tipep 86 2019-05-30 - 17:26 RSS Feed

how to configure memotoo with "one calendar"

Laurent 386 2019-05-27 - 11:57 RSS Feed
I just installed davx5 (former davdroid) but it can't find access to CALDAV or CARDDAV service. I use and my login/password. What's wrong with this configuration ? Thanks in...
philoub 133 2019-05-03 - 09:54 RSS Feed
Hi Patrick,
unfortunately no solution. Likely and considering writing a VBA script, to transform my Google Contacts into the CSV format of my Cloud PBX which then populates it into my Snom phones. ...
Daniel B 346 2019-04-27 - 09:30 RSS Feed
Hi all, hi Daniel,
is there a solution in place?
I like also to use Memotoo via LDAP directly from my Snom-phones.
Or are you using another LDAP service as phone book?
I am using the Cloud based t...
Free or cheap LDAP phone book wanted 363 2019-04-25 - 20:35 RSS Feed

Memotoo Cloud My Address Book Ask my contacts to update their information

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