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No new posts since your last visit You wonder how it works, what is the usefulness of, ... 643 2252 2017-06-22 - 23:29
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No new posts since your last visit You have ideas and desires to improve service 436 1461 2016-12-13 - 15:20
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No new posts since your last visit You have noticed bugs, anomalies, then report them here 993 3852 2017-06-22 - 21:22
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No new posts since your last visit Comment and react in relation to the news of the site!
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No new posts since your last visit Announce your API, discuss how to develop your plugins, ...
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Today June 22nd 2017 I tried to connect Memotoo to Thunderbird by using CardBook.
Somehow it does not work.
The CardBook log file shows:
Henk 22 2017-06-22 - 23:29 RSS Feed
Just try the free Outlook add-in that you can find at
Works fine on Win 10 and Outlook 2016.
Henk 8 2017-06-22 - 21:22 RSS Feed
Hi Thomas,

thank you for link to definition of synchronization for Nokia E65. But when I compare this definition with definition of my Samsung Xcover B271 (which I synchronize with Memotoo very oft...
Mirek 17 2017-06-22 - 14:15 RSS Feed
Hi Mirek

I do not know the phone "Sonim XP3.20 Quest Pro" so I can tell you how to configure it.
But I can say if there is SyncML, you could sync it with Memotoo by using this HowTo for example:
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 27 2017-06-21 - 13:58 RSS Feed
Hi Thomas,

thank you for nice answer! But if I will buy this fone how to begine the synchronization with Memoto if this phone does not exist in the list of "usable" phones? Does it mean that I can ...
Mirek 30 2017-06-20 - 22:16 RSS Feed
ok, 3rd time was the charm and worked finally.
rougetaureau 12 2017-06-20 - 22:00 RSS Feed
Hi Mirek

If this phone has SyncML, the sync will work with Memotoo.
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 34 2017-06-20 - 12:28 RSS Feed
I would like to buy "Sonim XP3.20 Quest Pro". It has SyncML protocol, but it is not listed in devices usable with Memotoo. So is it possible to use it, or not? I want to buy only the phone which ...
Mirek 50 2017-06-16 - 22:10 RSS Feed
Tasks with repeats are failing to sync to Microsoft Outlook 2013 (64-bit) Windows via Exchange Active Sync. The sync log shows them as "Memotoo » Microsoft Exchange Outlook : Add" but they do not sho...
Mark Morgan 21 2017-06-13 - 19:07 RSS Feed
Very strange, can you send me by email a screenshot of your phone of "Contacts" / "Groups" when you have deleted your CardDAV Memotoo address book
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 33 2017-06-13 - 17:10 RSS Feed

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