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smile Posted 2012-12-29 - 20:25

You guys are bored and don't have enough to do, right?
I have an idea for a fun feature, though it probably would have little practical use:
A "family groups" view for contacts.

The theory here would be to group together contacts that have "parent/child" relationships, and put them together on a "card". Theoretically, I guess, this could have a tie-in with CRM stuff, which also has relationships between contacts.

I might guess that most people probably don't have a lot of children IN their contacts database, but I have started to take advantage of the contacts-calendar-birthdays features lately (of my phone, if not memotoo's) and to do that, I create contacts for nephews & such. Of course, I have to work to hide all this clutter when trying to use my dialer, but android 4.0 at least has the capability of helping me out there.

I'm not sure how you could make money or attract additional members; it's not THAT compelling a feature to transform you into the next "facebook for families"; maybe if you made the CRM factor work really well, or made it easy to use for beginning genealogists.

By the way, Love the service; trying to cope with syncing my wife & my separate gmail contacts was really becoming a mess. Got the cool "Map View" as a bonus; Great!
Reminds me of one more thing though; might be nice to be able to EXCLUDE syncing some groups; combining the sets has resulted in some extra contacts on my phone that she doesn't need, and vice versa. It will probably get MUCH WORSE when my kids get old enough for phones...

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