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Public views for my calendar / detailed control over sharing my calendarRSS Feed

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smile Posted 2012-05-08 - 10:32


What I would like to do is to publish a free-time calendar to tell people where I am available.
In order to do this, I would like to publish a calendar where
a) Some categories are displayed in full (all info; e.g., a lecture)
b) Some categories are displayed only with subject (e.g., a telco where the passcode is contained in the location that remains hidden)
c) Some categories are just shown as busy (grey blocks without any details).
d) Some categories are not shown at all (e.g., FYI-events that I will not attend or birthdays or the like).

In order to provide such a feature, I'd like to be able to
a) create multiple views on my calendar with their own URL that may be public or restricted by
- username/passcode (sometimes)
- restricted access to some other memotoo accounts
b) Customize the views by
- Publication format (web-site or ical or ..)
- Visibility for the private and public events of each category:
- Full
- Restricted (some fields are visible)
- Masked (just a grey bar)
- Hidden (nothing is shown)

This would enable me to create views for different purposes that could then be published.

What do you think?


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