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smile Posted 2012-04-26 - 01:24

In short: Grab all Instant Messenger addresses from all my synced address books, use XMPP transports to make them available in the Jabber network. Start your own Memotoo Jabber service with one unified contacts list where they all come together. I would then rather use your Jabber service instead of GoogleTalk!

Background information:
GoogleTalk is poorly integrated with the GoogleMail contacts - Memotoo could help a lot here. Although Google has dedicated fields for Instant messenger addresses, they force you to put Jabber and GTalk addresses into an email field, otherwise GTalk just won't work.

If I could connect my Jabber client to Memotoo this way, I could store Jabber and GTalk addresses in dedicated fields, and keep them separate from the email addresses.

To get a more concrete idea of the problem, try the following:

- Start your favourite Jabber or GTalk client app
- Connect that Jabber client app to your GTalk account
- Add someone (let's say "Bob") to your contact list, let Bob approve your invitation
- Log in to GoogleMail, view your contacts and seek Bob
- You will see that Bob's Jabber/ICQ transport address, let's say, has been stored in an email field!
- You think you're smart and move that jabber address into the dedicated Instant Messenger field labeled "Jabber".
- Get back to your Jabber app: Bob disappeared from your contacts. Where the hell did he go?
- Put Bob's Jabber address back into the email field, like it was before - maybe copy it there (ugh, that's ugly!)
- You think you're smart again: to remember that Bob's Jabber address is actually not an email address, label it with "Jabber"
- Now Bob will re-appear in your Jabber app's contact list. Lucky you!
- Write an email to Bob using some smart email client: it will auto-complete the address as you type, proposing Bob's Jabber address as an email address, regardless of your smart "Jabber" label. Unfortunately, the label won't even show up, as it's a mobile client with limited display size.

See the mess? I could really use some Memotoo here. A Memotoo Jabber service could finally add sense to Google's IM address fields, while leaving the email fields in peace.


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