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The differences between the versions of Memotoo

The 3 versions of Memotoo have the same functions:
  • How to sync Memotoo synchronization of your calendar, contacts, ... with your mobile phone
  • Use Google Maps to locate your friends Contacts World Map
  • Import all data import / export your bookmarks, your contacts, your calendar, ... (FacebookFacebook, GmailGoogle Gmail System Group, LinkedInLinkedIn, ...)
  • SSL SSL: Encrypted connection to Memotoo
  • ...
The main difference is the number of records that you can have, as defined below:
  FREE Version PREMIUM Version BUSINESS Version
Mobile Number of phones, tablets, ... syncable unlimited unlimited unlimited
My Bookmarks Bookmarks 100 unlimited unlimited
My E-mail Accounts E-mail Account 3 unlimited unlimited
My Address Book Contacts (address, phone numbers, ...) 50 unlimited unlimited
  photoPhotos of your contacts nok ok ok
My Calendar Calendar 50 unlimited unlimited
My Tasks Tasks 50 unlimited unlimited
My Notes Notes 50 unlimited unlimited
My SMS SMS 50 unlimited unlimited
My Files Files (Pictures, Videos, ...) nok 1 GB offered 2 GB offered / user
  Manage multiple Memotoo accounts  Learn more nok nok ok
  User management nok nok ok
  Subscription management nok nok ok
  Share management nok nok ok
  Account deleted after 30 days of
(during the subscribed period)
(during the subscribed period)

FREE Version


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Currency: infoNumber of accounts:
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