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Sync your phone Motorola V505 一起 Memotoo

Motorola V505 Motorola
Synchronization possible:
我的地址簿 联系人ok
我的日历 Calendar / eventsok
我的待办事项 Tasksok
日志 筆記 
arrowManual synchronization settings of phone
1 Open the sync app by browsing the following menus: Connectivity » Remote sync or Tools » Synchronization » Account

2 Select New

3 Configure it with these settings:
Server location:
SSLSSL: (SSL problem?)
用户名: Your username  注册
口令: Your password
Database name (URI) to sync:
我的书签 收藏夹 bmark
我的地址簿 联系人 contact
» Sync some Memotoo groups?
我的日历 Calendar / events calendar
» Sync some Memotoo categories?
» Sync only one period?
我的待办事项 Tasks task
» Sync some Memotoo categories?
» Sync only uncompleted tasks?
我的短信 SMS sms
» Sync only one period?
4 Sync your phone