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No new posts since your last visit You wonder how it works, what is the usefulness of, ... 684 2355 2024-04-05 - 14:55
by AnnaSee the post
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No new posts since your last visit You have ideas and desires to improve service 441 1468 2023-01-15 - 10:20
by ???See the post
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No new posts since your last visit You have noticed bugs, anomalies, then report them here 1066 4057 2024-01-11 - 21:26
by Pablo TestoniSee the post
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No new posts since your last visit Comment and react in relation to the news of the site!
Link to the last news
47 77 2020-09-25 - 19:06
by PamelaaSee the post
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No new posts since your last visit Announce your API, discuss how to develop your plugins, ...
API documentation
36 97 2023-09-05 - 09:19
by LnSee the post
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Hi, I have organized my family's dates and appointments in a whole bunch of sub calendars (~20 categories).
I would like to share only a part of the calendar, say 3 or 4 of the categories. How can I ...
Anna 130 2024-04-05 - 14:55 RSS Feed
We recently purchased MeMoToo Business version subscription. The GOAL is to create a READ ONLY master contact list. Load it to MeMoToo. Have all of our corporate iPhone's point to that CARDAV (that...
R. Whitfield 258 2024-02-09 - 19:57 RSS Feed
I can't sync the address book with the GMAIL account.
It tells me "access denied". What should I do? Thank you
Pablo Testoni 245 2024-01-11 - 21:26 RSS Feed
i was unable to add my account
??? 250 2024-01-05 - 17:59 RSS Feed
Je vais devoir changer de smartphone.
Voulant vérifier si je pourrai toujours synchroniser mes (4000 !) contacts (je n'ai besoin de rien d'autre) avec certains modèles Android, je découvre que l'App...
Ln 396 2023-09-05 - 09:19 RSS Feed

pas de réponse ? pas de support ?
Memotoo c'est fini ?
??? 576 2023-06-19 - 20:16 RSS Feed

Passé sous Outlook 2021, je rencontre un problème lors de la création d'un événement directement dans Memotoo.

Lorsque je créé un événement dans outlook, il est synchronisé avec la bon...
??? 612 2023-05-19 - 12:30 RSS Feed

Du nouveau sur cette question ?
Besoin de beta testeurs ?
Jacques Pyrat 886 2023-01-25 - 23:09 RSS Feed

je partage plusieurs agenda dans memotoo, puis ensuite pour agenda public memotoo pour mes clients, pour qu'ils puissent trouver des creneaux, sauf que .... ils apparaissent en clair tant ...
??? 729 2023-01-15 - 10:20 RSS Feed
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diaetolin 1287 2023-01-14 - 12:15 RSS Feed

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