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I sync two accounts' addressbook. One didn't anymore, so I deleted it and tried to set it up anew. Unfortunately Google does not allow the access. I doublechecked the pw, it is correct.

What ca...
??? 7 2018-08-15 - 13:45 RSS Feed
I sync two gmail contacts accounts without any problem, but I'm trying to sync a third one and appears this error: Error: Google access denied - My Address Book.
Alfonso 43 2018-08-07 - 18:03 RSS Feed
Here are a couple of suggestions for Memotoo:

1. Give it another try before disabling sync (because of time interval exceeded)

Rather than pausing the sync after first fail, I believe a the sync...
267TBE 207 2018-07-09 - 15:36 RSS Feed
Same Problem, no answer yet
??? 219 2018-06-12 - 16:41 RSS Feed

I have tried to reproduce this problem and for me on my iPhone (iOS 11.4) it works fine...
Thomas - Webmaster Memotoo 80 2018-06-09 - 20:07 RSS Feed
I've a similar problem : not possible to create on the phone a new contact "in memotoo".
Though the "always create in memotoo" option is selected in Memotoo android App .

What to do ?

??? 111 2018-06-05 - 06:51 RSS Feed
This problem still exists. (Samsung A5 2017 with Android 7.0)
Is this still under investigation after 6 months and can we expect a solution in a short time? Memotoo is (for me) useless since this pro...
WD 136 2018-05-28 - 11:47 RSS Feed
Still no reply?
I'm having a PREMIUM account since 09-2010 and I never had problems with memotoo before. My thought is that a reply to this problem, after paying since 2010 for your service, is the ...
WD 136 2018-05-28 - 11:36 RSS Feed
Bonjour, je viens de me rendre compte que ce problème survient uniquement lorsque je me connecte de mon bureau, et pas de la maison. Je suis désolé, ce n'est manifestement pas un problème de conceptio...
Benoit 84 2018-05-28 - 00:08 RSS Feed
I have having similar problems on my iPhone 8+

Items reappear after I delete them. Items disappear when I update the due date. I end up with duplicates when view on memotoo site, but not on the iph...
??? 110 2018-05-18 - 03:11 RSS Feed

Memotoo Cloud My Address Book Ask my contacts to update their information

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