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Features and benefits with Memotoo

Memotoo Cloud
Log in with your username and password and have instant access to your personal data:
My Bookmarks Your bookmarks
Benefits of Memotoo: show thumbnails of your bookmarks, PageRankpagerank, detect duplicates, show by tag, ...
My E-mail Accounts Your e-mails
Access here all your e-mail accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, ...) in a single page!
My E-mail Addresses E-mail addresses of your friends and contacts
Benefits of Memotoo: get direct access through a LDAP directory in your e-mail client!
My Phone Book Their phone numbers
Benefits of Memotoo: View your data on your mobile phone Mobile
My Address Book Their addresses
Benefits of Memotoo: see where your contacts live with Map / Directions with Google Maps or Map / Directions with ViaMichelin or Map / Directions with Maporama or Map / Directions with MapQuest, e-mail notification for their birthdays, ...
My Calendar Your calendar, tasks and notes
Benefits of Memotoo: receive notifications for birthdays and other calendar events by e-mail or on your mobile phone, share your diary with your friends, ...
My Files Your files
Benefits of Memotoo: Online file storage, accessible through a WebFolder in Windows ExplorerWebFolder - WebDav, with FTP, ...
secureConfidentiality and security of your information are GUARANTEED

Sync Sync your data with your mobile phone

After each synchronization your mobile phone and Memotoo will have the same data!

Sync Sync Google, Facebook, Outlook, ...

Sync Google, Facebook, Outlook, ...

My E-mail Accounts Access all your e-mail in a single page from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, ...!
Access all your e-mail in a single page from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, ...!On your mobile phone / Hotmail / MSNYahoo! Mail...

see where you friends live and how to get to your clients, ...

View your data on your mobile phone View your data on your mobile phone

Go to the address below with the browser of your mobile phone, log in, and view your data (address book, calendar, tasks, notes and bookmarks)!

Server location: Mobile

Add the Memotoo search engine to your browser
Add the Memotoo search engine to your browser

WebFolder - WebDavAccess your files through a Web Folder
Vitual drive / Web Folder

Access your contacts using a LDAP directory
With Mozilla Thunderbird you can access your Memotoo
contacts directly when you start typing an e-mail address:
Access your contacts using a LDAP directory
» Mozilla Thunderbird will show suggested e-mail addresses stored in Memotoo!

How to set it up:
  • Go to "Options" in the "Tools" menu

  • In "Composition" check the "Directory Server" box and click "Edit Directories..."
  • Next add the directory server (complete with settings below)
    LDAP directory address / Hostname
    Port number 389
    Base name / Base DN
    You must log in to see the base name
  • To test if it's OK write a new e-mail, start typing the beginning of a name or e-mail address of one of your contacts in the "To:" field and wait until Thunderbird shows a list of suggested contacts (this could take few seconds).
    Access your contacts using a LDAP directory
    If the text that you typed becomes red it means Thunderbird cannot connect to Memotoo: check your configuration in "Account Settings ..." with the image below:

Import, export and sync your personal data in many formats

Memotoo is a online backup too » don't lose your personal
data after a "system crash", they will always be here into Memotoo

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